“nothing about us without us”: conversations on sex work and transmisogyny

Brilliant piece. READ IT.

where is your radical love?

So lately I’ve been doing research on the intersecting exclusions of trans women and sex workers. So far I have been curating information on how trans women are continuously silenced and excluded in feminist, queer, and environmental justice spaces. I have found that many of these spaces fail to specifically address transmisogyny, in the process perpetuating cissexist and heteropatriarchal power dynamics. I have also witnessed dismissals of appeals to move away from organizing within such structures by those who benefit from them.

Much of this knowledge could not have come to me without women who work specifically around issues of transmisogyny within feminism and other circles. Throughout this process I have learned an immense amount about the realities facing trans women, particularly trans women of colour, that as a cis woman I could not have imagined. There is a huge body of work written by trans women themselves, and throughout…

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